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Mangal das Garças , inaugurated on January 12, 2005, is located on the banks of the Guamá River , in the historic center of Belém do Pará , near the Navy Arsenal. The ecological park is the result of the revitalization of an area of ​​40,000 m², a synthesis of the Amazonian environment in the heart of the capital of Pará. The várzea forests, the animals of the region and more than three hundred species of native trees are present in the space. Address: R. Carneiro da Rocha, s/n – Cidade Velha, Belém – PA, 66020-160, Brazil, Phone: +55 91 3242-5052 Website

The Residence Park is located in the city of Belém , in the state of Pará , Brazil . Official residence of the governors of the state from 1934 , had as first resident Magalhães Barata . But the building had already been home to the governors Enéas Martins (1913-1917) and Lauro Sodré (1917-1921). Address: Av. Gov Magalhães Barata, 830 – São Brás, Belém – PA, 66063-240, Brazil, Phone: +55 91 4009-8720

The Utinga State Park is a state park within the metropolitan area of Belém, Pará, Brazil. It is surrounded by the Metropolitan Belém Environmental Protection Area, which protects a large part of the water supply of the city. Address: Av. João Paulo II, S/N, Belém – PA, 66610-770, Brazil, Phone: +55 91 3342-2630